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From Samhain to Beltaine, Fairyspotting to Maypoles -- here you can find a collection of articles that have appeared over the years in The Celtic Connection. Choose a theme and off you go -- or use the search engine for a particular topic or interest.

Stones, sites and trees
Otherworldly beings
The Center
Celtic Weddings
The grail
In the present day


Stones, sites and trees

The Bones of Eriu: Stones I Have Known

The Wisdom of Trees in the Celtic Landscape

Old Ways Return Again in Place Names of the Celtic World

The Natural World of the Celts Calls to Her Children

Celtic Year Spirals into Autumn

Turning of Time Seen in Arrival of Spring


Part 1: A Walk in a Neolithic Landscape

Part 2: Seasons of Life found in Sacred Geography at Avebury

Part 3: Lughnasadh Celebrated throughout Seasons of Life


Otherworldly beings

A Guide to Fairyspotting

The Banshee, Celtic Death Messenger

The Walk of the Otherworld

Spirits Abound in the Dark Season of Samhain

World of Spirits Found in Balance of Autumnal Equinox

November Wind Blows In Hungry Ghosts

Gift of the Heart Found in the World's Illusion


The Center




Lore and myth

Storyteller Illuminates the Dark Season of Samhain

The Storyteller's Gift: The Coming of the Tuatha de Danann to Ireland

The Storyteller's Gift: St. Patrick and The Reek

The Storyteller's Gift: The Coming of Lugh

Storytelling Tradition Lives in the Fairy Stories of Ireland

The Mask -- a Disguise of a Lifetime

Elements and symbols

Spirit of the Growing Year Goes to Ground

Veneration of Water Reflects Celtic Soul

Fire Burns at the Heart of Beltaine Festival

Inspiration Found on a Summer Breeze


Compass of the Soul Found in Tales of Wonder and Peril

Celtic Spirit of Discovery Reawakens in Spring



Finding Protection in the Year's Darkest Season

Birds of the Celtic World Traverse Worlds in a Bird Song

The Pre-Celtic Traditions of Holed Stones



Welcome to our resource on Celtic festivals. While you might find two articles with similar facts (e.g. articles on the topic of Samhain), you will also find that the heart and thrust of each is very different. Enjoy!


Hogmanay Alive and Well


Every Heart Responsible for Zeitgeist of Chaos

Autumn Blows Away in the Winds of Samhain

Lines of Everyday Life Dissolve in the Season of Samhain

Ancient Samhain Festival Burns Brightly at Halloween

Pumpkin Logic

Chaos Awaits in the Dark Season of Samhain

The Celebration of Life and Death at Samhain

Incantations of Samhain: The Year Passes to Rebirth

A Child's Halloween

Jack of the Lantern

Robert Burns' Halloween

Seasonal Passage Illuminates the Underworld Promise of Samhain

Celtic New Year Arrives in Shadows of Samhain Firelight

Winter Solstice

Time Passes from Darkness into Light

Finding Light in a Season of Darkness

Soul's Quest Found in the Light of Winter Solstice

Mystery of Rebirth Illuminated at Winter Solstice

The Greenman Heralds the Light of Solstice

Darkness flees before the Light of the Winter Solstice

Solstice Symbols Illuminate Season of Rebirth

Spiritual Rebirth Illuminated at Winter Solstice

Solstice Season Illuminates Mystery of Life

Midwinter Duel Transformed by Light of Solstice


Imbolg Heralds the Springtime of the Heart

Light of Imbolg Rekindles Human Spirit

Light of Prehistoric Promise Burns Brightly at Imbolg

The Seeds of Spring Stir in the the Winter Landscape

Turning of Time Seen in Arrival of Spring

Celtic Spring Stirs in the Ashes of Time

Creation Found in the Winds of Spring

Vernal Equinox

Indomitable Spirit of Irish People Reflected in Landscape

St. Patrick: The man and the myth

Song of the Otherworld is Heard In the Balance of Spring

The Festivals of Spring Herald Rebirth

Call to Life Heard in the Winds of Spring

Destiny Waits in the Wound of a Thorn

The Meaning of the Green and Other Facts about St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Renews Spirit of Return

Eternity Found In the Signs of the Times


May Day inaugurates Celtic Summer

Through the Fire Eyes of Beltaine: An imagining of Beltaine

Beltaine Bonfires Burn Brightly in Sacred Space

Fire of Beltaine Season Found in the Heart

Triplism Fuels Turning of Celtic Wheel to Beltaine

Bright Festival of Beltaine Renews Hope for the World

Love Wins - the Soul Turns Home at Beltaine

Summer Solstice

Life Transformed in Light of the Summer Solstice

Voice of the Otherworld Heard at Midsummer

On Endings -- The Creative Nature of Death Awaits in the Midsummer Sun

Thoughts of Midsummer Turn to Midlife

Solstice Arrives Amid Ever Changing Conditions of Life

Summer Solstice Illuminates Footpath of Life


Lughnasadh Shines with Symbolism

Celtic Symbols Shine at Harvest Time

Festival of Lughnasadh Illuminates Cycle of Life

Lughnasadh Heralds Harvest of the Soul

Summer Sun Illuminates the Abundance of Lughnasadh

Seeds of the Future Found in Harvest Abundance

Truth Abounds in the Harvest of Lughnasadh

Autumnal equinox

The Ins and Outs of In Between

Ancient Observations Marked in Equinox Celebrations

The Tides of Summer Swirl into Autumn

Seasons of Time Blow Gently in Autumnal Breeze


Celtic Weddings

Celtic Wedding Traditions for Modern Lovers



The Druids--Walkers Between Worlds

The Claddagh Ring

Brigit's Light Warms a Bitter Landscape

Celtic Spirit Found in the Path of History

Hatak Topulli Nan Imokpulo: Friends Through Adversity


The Grail

The Soul's Myth Guides Those Who Search

November Stirs Celtic Vessel of Change


In the present day

Nature of the Soul Reflected in the Eyes of the World

Looking for Soul in a Peerless Summer Sky

Divine Eyes Shine Through November Darkness


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